donderdag 7 december 2017

DD 7: Dina Wakley

Hi bloggers!!

Today I'm time traveling... back to august 2014... I can hear you think "why?" Well, because I found a picture and I found out that I didn't post anything about it here on my blog! And because it still makes me smile and giggle, I'm sharing it with you today! So, here weg go...

Back in august 2014 I went to visit my relatives in the USA. I already knew they had a scrapbooking store in town, so just for fun I checked their workshop scedule for that summer. Ow my god, my jaw dropped when I saw Dina Wakley was coming to teach there! I mean, THE Dina !! So I immediatly contacted the store and wow, I still could subscribe for her workshops! That was really such an amazing feeling! I was going to see my relatives, I was going to travel in the USA and I was going to meet Miss Dina Wakley, how many happy dances can you do in one day?! 

Here are some pictures that capture my unforgettable day with Dina, enjoy...


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