donderdag 6 november 2014

art journaling with France!

Hi Ladies!

Although my configurations box is still on display, Halloween is already gone! So said we can only create creepy stuff once a year... :-) We all know, after the black & orange comes the red & green... Time to start those Christmas decorations! I already started making some cards and since I really liked assembling that configurations box, I feel a Christmas one coming as well! In the meantime I'm trying to do some art journaling. I had the opportunity to participate a day workshop from France Papillon at the Retreat event from Craftorij (Ede, Holland) and I learned how to assemble my own art journal and how to make a page in it! My very first but definitely not my last! Enjoy the pic's and don't hesitate to let me know what you think of my first art journal attempts!

Greetings and 'till next time!

   Love the color blooms...                  Work in progress!                      Me and Marie-Anne :-)

                                              France & Me !!              Cover of my book (still needs something...)

                                                         My very first art journaling pages!

donderdag 23 oktober 2014

Halloween configurations box!

Hi there bloggers!

Lot’s of spiders in the garden… You can feel Halloween is coming closer! It’s been years now that I want to make a configurations box and I finally felt ready for it. I gathered some supplies and started making my own box, so it was deep enough for my Halloween findings. I cut 2mm cardboard to size, glued it together with heavy gel medium and painted it all black. I gave all the “boxes” some Tim Holtz background paper. Than the fun began, deciding what to put inside the boxes! I used some Tim Holtz dies, some flea market findings and some random supplies from my stash. I had so much fun and I can't help it... I love my box :-) Thanks for watching and let me know what you think guys, I like reading your comments ;-)

                                                                   The preparations...

                    The finished box!!
                                                                   Some detailed pictures

maandag 29 september 2014

Back in crealand!

Hi Bloggers!

I was a bit chocked when I saw the date of my last post... oops!! 

In that last post I mentioned the open-house at my local scrapstore - hobbyfarm- so here are some pictures of the weekend. I had the honor to give a make and take with the dylusion ink sprays, love these babies! The colors are very nice and vibrant, makes you ready for the summer! (Well yeah, the open- house was in May :-) Pictures below...)

So, that was past May, it's been a while...  After the open- house I started working a temporary job in Brussels, because of the long distance/ hours, it wore me out a bit so I didn't create a lot during that period. When my job was finished, it was time for another adventure oversees!! And here comes the exiting news... I had the opportunity to take a workshop with the one and only Dina Wakley! So, in my next blog post, I'll tell (and show) you a bit more of this exiting day with this talented Ranger lady!  

                                        This is me :-)                  An enthusiastic make& take'r!

Some of my dylusions examples

                    In the store you also find materials for cardmaking, knitting, crocheting, sewing...

                             ...and a variety of loom bands!     Evelien & Katrien from hobbyfarm

See you next time, 
and don't hesitate to leave me a comment :-)

dinsdag 6 mei 2014

NSD mini's

Hi bloggers!
So, last Saturday was NSD, also known as National Scrapbooking Day! I reserved this date for some “me-time” at my craft desk and I have to tell you, I enjoyed every single minute of it! I even started the evening before :-) Especially for this occasion, Maaike from our heppyscrappy forum, provided us with a tutorial for a photo folio. It was based on a FF from Kathy Orta from Paper Phenomenon, but she gave it her own twist. I have to tell you, the tutorial was awesome, with clear instructions and photos. At the end of the day I had a finished photo folio and I even found the courage and energy to finally finish another album that was laying around, crying for some design paper :-) So yeah, NSD was a productive day with 2 finished mini albums as result! Below you can see some pictures. The photo folio was made made with regular cardstock and finished with Basic Grey paper. The second album was made with the lovely Engraver paper from Prima. Now I need to find some time to make some more samples with dylusions, ‘cause it’s an open house at the Hobby Farm to celebrate there 15th anniversary! So, gotta go… Have a nice day and don’t hesitate to leave a comment :-)




maandag 17 maart 2014

mini's and dylusions!

Hi there world!

So far my good intentions for blogging more this year! Luckily, that doesn’t mean I’m not creating at all, just not as much as I want to :-) In February, we had another open house weekend at the local hobby store. I had the opportunity to demonstrate with my favorite dylusions sprays again, I love them so much! You can create such colorful yet versatile things with them! You can use them on cards, in an art journal, on a lay- out or a canvas… I’ll show you a picture of my “stand” during the open house!

I also started “journal 52”. It is a FREE yearlong art journaling workshop to keep you inspired and creating all of 2014. You can find more information at ! it’s all “hosted” by Chelle Stein, an art journalist from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Every week, she provides some inspiration to use in our art journal. So far, I’m at week 3 (oops) but it’s really fun so I’ll definitely continue!

What else happened in February… I did a workshop to create a mini! Well, actually i’s not so mini at all, the cover is approximately 25 cm wide and 28 cm high. The pages are 23 cm by 26 cm. We did the cover, the binding and the first set of inside pages, still lot’s to do before it’s finished! Hope I have the opportunity to finish it soon (way to busy with internship at the moment!)

I also did a workshop in the Netherlands for a mini. It’s a book with 2 spines, so there are pages on 2 sides of the book! Think it will be cool, but also have to finish this one. What was nice about this workshop is that it includes a wooden box to store the mini. We painted it, created leather corners and even leather belts, so the box really looks like a small, old suitcase! Can’t show you pictures yet, it’s far from finished and it will also be a gift for someone…

Besides demoing and doing workshops, I’m also creative at my crea desk! For the moment I’m still a big fan of the dylusions, so I’m creating pages in my art journal with them. But I also use them on cards and  tags (as shown in the picture).

                         Samples I made for the open house       week 1 to 3 from journal 52
                                                 pictures from the example during workshop
                                    busy at the workshop...                        example                              

                                                    And finally some dylusional creations!

So yeah, finally a small update over here!

Hope to post more often after my internship!

In the meantime, let’s  be creative!
(don't hesitate to leave a comment :-))

maandag 20 januari 2014

productive online crop!

Hi there everyone!
So, done with all the madness, time to be creative again!
I had to study during the CHA event, seeing all those pictures and video’s wasn’t
a very positive influence on my concentration, I tell ya! But I made it trough ;-)
To “celebrate” the end of studying, I participated an online crop on a craft forum,
the organizer (Maaike, a wonderful woman!) “spoiled” us with 25 challenges!
Between 10u and 18u you had the time to make any project you wanted, based on
her challenges and inspirations. You could make a card, an art journal, a tag, a LO,
you could combine challenges, it was all up to you! I made 5 cards/ tags inspired 
by 7 of the challenges. During creating, there was also time for nice, cozy and fun
chats on the forum with all the ladies, I can assure you, we had some fun! 
Wish I could meet these ladies one day…
Anyway, It was a super experience and I’m ready for the next one! 
Here are the pictures of the things I made, let me know what ya think!

                  Happy feet challenge            color challenge                       fall challenge

                                             Valentine challenge              happy meal box challenge

Thanks for your visit!
I like comments ;-)