dinsdag 5 december 2017

DD 5; Nika Rouss

Hi bloggers
Today I have another nostalgic post… in October 2016 I attended another retreat weekend @ De Craftorij in Holland. Unfortunately that was my last workshop there, because the shop closed… So another lookback with a smile and tear… I have to admit that it was yet another perfect organized weekend! Marie-Anne (my crea bestie) and I hit the road on Friday, so we could appear all fresh and fruity on Saturday for the workshop with… Nika Rouss! Nika is really so much fun!! She makes amazing artwork, you can find a lot of videos on YouTube (Nika in wonderland), check her out!! It was an honor to take a class with Nika. The first class was an intuitive painting on a canvas, with lots of layers, colors, stenciling… At the beginning I didn’t really knew what to think, I hated my creation. But at the end I kinda had the feeling it all came together and I kinda like my canvas now J in the afternoon we made a journal page and oooh, I love the colors I used! Here are some pictures that capture the day. I’ll be back tomorrow with part II of the amazing weekend…

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