zaterdag 30 december 2017

DD 24: last workshop of the year...with Kate Crane!

Hi bloggers

My last creative treat of the year… A workshop with the sweetest and most modest person I have ever met, miss Kate Crane! I really cursed when I discovered that her workshops were at the same time than the weekend which I already had been registered for. So I did a very silly happy dance when there was an extra workshop on Monday! Since I already was in Holland, I drove a little farther, stayed in a lovely b&b and treated myself with one more workshop this year! It was the perfect ending to an even more perfect weekend. I visited the art chicks studio for the first time, I met some 'old' creative friends, I met Marieke Blockland for the first time AND I learned some new techniques from Kate Crane. What more can you wish for? Let’s hope 2018 can match the amazing creative journey I had this year!


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