maandag 6 november 2017

A new plan...

Hi blogland!!
I just can’t believe my last post was in April, where did that time go??!! My blog is really abandoned and I have to do something about it, so I have a plan… Each year I want to do a December daily with pictures, but ever since I fail that attempt. So what about a December Daily in blogposts?! ‘cause really, I did so much cool art related things (workshops, play dates, art fairs…)  the past 2 years and I really want to share the fun with you! So yes, that’s my genius plan for next month! Really excited about it, haha! Starting December 1st, I’m going back in time (wouldn’t that be cool, relive the most amazing workshops you did? Relive the fun and laughter you had with friends?!) and share some older posts to end my DD the 25th with my last workshop I’ll be doing this year! Really looking forward to that one, ‘cause it’s with an artist on top of my “I want to meet her” list J but you’ll have to wait for this one ;-) Looking forward to my time traveling and hope you guys join me during the ride!! 

See you the 1st of December...
I'n the meantime, enjoy some creative fun!!
Bye bye 


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