zondag 19 april 2015

Tim Tags 1 & 2

Hi Bloggers!
What a lovely sunshiny weekend we had, I just love the energy that comes with it! So, I’ve been busy the last couple of days, with all kinds of projects. I finished a mixed media canvas, I made some more ATC’s to exchange in my new Facebook group, I experimented with Bister and I decided to participate Tim’s tags of 2015. So, Enough projects to show you guys this week, starting off with… Well let’s start with Timmy boy! Because I had a lot of projects going on, I only made the first two tags, but I’ll definitely make the others as well, so not too far behind! (yet, haha!)

For the January tag, I got inspired by Corrie Herriman (http://madebychook.blogspot.be), I really liked the intensity of her colors. For the February tag, I got inspired by Trace Metcalfe (http://inkypinkycraft.blogspot.co.uk/) I really loved the clean look on her tag, instead of the flowers and all the red in Tim’s tag. Oh, and that white wash technique, so cool! I’ll definitely do that again! Let me hear ya, what do you think?! And are you participating the tag challange as well??

Greetings and untill next time!

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  1. Wat een prachtige tags heb je gemaakt, ik wil ook steeds maar het ontbreekt me aan tijd en de puf om al die techniekjes te gaan doen, Ik weet uit ervaring dat als je eenmaal bezig bent dat het dan zo heerlijk is om lekker te knellen met al die spullen maar het komt er niet meer van. Geniet er van. Ik kan nog steeds je FB niet vinden, :(