maandag 17 maart 2014

mini's and dylusions!

Hi there world!

So far my good intentions for blogging more this year! Luckily, that doesn’t mean I’m not creating at all, just not as much as I want to :-) In February, we had another open house weekend at the local hobby store. I had the opportunity to demonstrate with my favorite dylusions sprays again, I love them so much! You can create such colorful yet versatile things with them! You can use them on cards, in an art journal, on a lay- out or a canvas… I’ll show you a picture of my “stand” during the open house!

I also started “journal 52”. It is a FREE yearlong art journaling workshop to keep you inspired and creating all of 2014. You can find more information at ! it’s all “hosted” by Chelle Stein, an art journalist from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Every week, she provides some inspiration to use in our art journal. So far, I’m at week 3 (oops) but it’s really fun so I’ll definitely continue!

What else happened in February… I did a workshop to create a mini! Well, actually i’s not so mini at all, the cover is approximately 25 cm wide and 28 cm high. The pages are 23 cm by 26 cm. We did the cover, the binding and the first set of inside pages, still lot’s to do before it’s finished! Hope I have the opportunity to finish it soon (way to busy with internship at the moment!)

I also did a workshop in the Netherlands for a mini. It’s a book with 2 spines, so there are pages on 2 sides of the book! Think it will be cool, but also have to finish this one. What was nice about this workshop is that it includes a wooden box to store the mini. We painted it, created leather corners and even leather belts, so the box really looks like a small, old suitcase! Can’t show you pictures yet, it’s far from finished and it will also be a gift for someone…

Besides demoing and doing workshops, I’m also creative at my crea desk! For the moment I’m still a big fan of the dylusions, so I’m creating pages in my art journal with them. But I also use them on cards and  tags (as shown in the picture).

                         Samples I made for the open house       week 1 to 3 from journal 52
                                                 pictures from the example during workshop
                                    busy at the workshop...                        example                              

                                                    And finally some dylusional creations!

So yeah, finally a small update over here!

Hope to post more often after my internship!

In the meantime, let’s  be creative!
(don't hesitate to leave a comment :-))

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  1. wow wat een mooie dingen heb je gemaakt, ziet er gaaf uit, heerlijk met de dylusions, zijn zo lekker kleurrijk.

    1. Vind ik ook Alida! Instant smile als je die dingen boven haalt :-)

  2. Holy mozes, jij hebt ook niet stil gezeten! Ik vind jouw tags echt fantastisch, een feestje om naar te kijken!